How Can You Haul A Refrigerator In The Back Of A Pickup Truck?

Out of all of the appliances in a typical home, the refrigerator is usually the largest. That means it is also the most difficult to move. If the refrigerator is handled improperly during the move, it can easily become damaged or broken. To avoid any problems, it is important to have a plan. The step-by-step guide below will teach you how to safely haul a refrigerator in the back of a pickup truck.

Step #1 – Clean Out The Fridge. Make sure that the refrigerator is totally clean and that all of the items inside of it have been removed. If necessary, defrost the freezer, as well. Take out any drawers or shelves so that they can be transported separately. The refrigerator itself should be empty while it is being moved.

Step #2 Secure The Cord. To keep the power cord from getting stuck on anything during the move, make sure that it is wrapped into a tidy coil. Tape the coil to the refrigerator using heavy-duty duct tape. This will keep it from coming loose while it is being transported.

Step #3 – Strap The Doors Closed. Place a ratchet strap around the upper portion of the fridge, tightening it until it is secure. Do the same with the bottom of the fridge. This will help keep the doors closed while the fridge is being moved. Don’t over tighten the straps. Otherwise, you could damage the refrigerator.

Step #4 – Secure The Fridge To An Appliance Dolly. Rent or buy a dolly that is specifically made for moving large appliances. Make sure the refrigerator is securely attached to the dolly using a rope or strap so that it won’t slide off. Once everything is secure, use the dolly to move the refrigerator from your home to the waiting pickup truck.

Step #5 – Move The Refrigerator Into The Back Of The Pickup Truck. This is the most difficult step in the process. It is easiest if you have three people to help. Have one person climb into the back of the pickup truck, while the other two remain on the ground. Together, lift the refrigerator into the back of the pickup truck, moving it up against the cab. Strap it into place securely using a couple of ratchet straps. If necessary, place a blanket or some cardboard between the cab of the vehicle and the refrigerator to prevent any damage. The refrigerator should be transported in an upright position.

After following all of these steps, double-check to make sure that the refrigerator is completely secure in the back of the pickup truck. The fridge itself should not move around, even if you shake it. Don’t forget to make sure the doors are securely shut, as well.

These steps will help you safely haul a refrigerator in the back of a pickup truck. As long as you take things slowly, double-check your straps, and pay attention to what you are doing, you shouldn’t have any trouble moving your refrigerator to your new place.

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